The Birth and Death of a Surrealist

The Birth & Death of A SurrealistMy current work is focused on the dialectical interaction of opposites. For human beings there is nothing more profound than the polarity and relationship between life and death. In making this image I have been contemplating these as one dynamic whole. In addition I’ve revisited the significance of surrealism, the early 20th century art movement; dialectic in its approach to liberate the unconscious. The surrealists were brave souls, daring to boldly bridge the great divide and polarity between the unconscious and conscious aspects of our being.


The Love of Summer

The Love of SummerThis image, I hope, speaks for itself and is primarily an unashamed expression about being conscious of the goodness of life, love and opportunity and secondly includes what I consider important pictorial references to the history of image making.

The First Drop of Water

The First Drop of Water“The First Drop of Water” created November 2012. Another aspect of image making that intrigues me is how this process is related to philosophical contemplation. Have you ever thought – in visual terms – what the first moment of something must have been like. (This requires a degree of fantasising or intuitive freedom, not literal thinking). Consider the moment that the first drop of water emerged out of the earth – what a pioneering moment. Such a moment must have contained the future potential of all the oceans; the essence of all water creatures and if we are indeed 90% water, this moment must have also contained all of us as well.