Journey through Spacetime

Journey through Spacetime One of the philosophical propositions I contemplate is the newly emerging set of insights about evolution. An evolutionary perspective narrates the life of the universe as a continual process that seems to be going somewhere. It is interesting to study the history of image making with this understanding. My images are visions, a synthesis of abstract and the representational which come out of a process of exploring what I see without and within. These are not and cannot be reasonable separated in my opinion. I find the process of image making essential to make sense out of being alive. This image contains the metaphor of a train in motion that has been intriguing, even haunting and disturbing my dreams when I was a child due to the uncertainty of the journey and ground on which the train was running. This archetypal image recently surfaced, emerging out of my artistic process, and a certain resolution has been arrived at through the benefit of evolutionary vision. This has given my errant train a new place in a vast evolutionary process – bringing with it an incredible existential optimism, and a sense of place, meaning and purpose.


4 thoughts on “Journey through Spacetime

  1. Just wanted to say I am not really an art follower but I love science, it is wonderfulto see how the two merge in an amazing way. I don’t fully understand your terminology but I love what I feel when I see your work. Good luck!

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