A Mexican Dream Sequence in the Mind of a Celt

A Mexican Dream Sequence in the Mind of a CeltFrom my new series – exploring the complexity of perspectives in art theory and practice. This piece focuses on the subject (YOU), cultural givens, the 21st century mind, alternate states of consciousness, interpretation and the simple joy of seeing. In our rapidly interconnected world, what is the meaning and future of so many diverse cultures clashing and colliding? What new interior spaces are opening up? And how does this impact our dreams, perspectives and creativity?


One thought on “A Mexican Dream Sequence in the Mind of a Celt

  1. Hi Patrick These are glorious! I like the fact there is a material reality, with the volcano or the tree, and then there is an opening to another dimension which is exhilarating and liberating.

    When you clink on the link in the email, it only takes you to the text. I thought there must be an image to go with the text, but to find the image, you then have to go into the gallery. Is it possible for the link to take you to the image and the text?

    Best wishes Alison

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