Caulfields missing subject in a quasi-spiritual dream

Caulfields missing subject in a quasi-spiritual dreamFrom a new series – exploring the wonderful, rich complexity of the current state of art theory and practice. This series juggles the clash of concerns and claims that art needs to entertain: emotional impact, spontaneity, the conflicting dialectics of flatness and space, the unconscious, consciousness of the subject, the awareness of cultural givens, return of the narrative, spirituality, non-normative states and the simple joy of being able to see. This piece coincides with viewing the great Patrick Caulfield exhibition at Tate Britain, reflecting on his work and many of the issues listed above which I am exploring and studying. Here specifically I’m reflecting on the absence of people and ultimately the implied subject from his work.


2 thoughts on “Caulfields missing subject in a quasi-spiritual dream

  1. I am enjoying imagining these as windows in public spaces, with light pouring through. Or projections. What it would be like to have fragments reflected on walls and ceilings, and what it would be like to stand in the fragments and absorb the colour? An unforgettable experience I once had in a church in Florence… Also standing in a James Turrell space where the blue coloured the air all around….

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