Memories of Derry

Memories of DerryA personal artistic summary and record of my childhood in Derry; the local terrain, the church, the weather, sun & rain, the peace process, the troubles, black & white newspaper photos, the view across Lough Foyle to Donegal, the sea, waves on the beach in summer, the little river, the army, farm buildings, the soul as pictured by a child… a kaleidoscope of physical and metaphysical spaces… what I am made of…


2 thoughts on “Memories of Derry

  1. Don’t forget: sliding your hands under those stones, hoping to feel the trout’s soft smooth underbelly. The rope swing that hung at the bridge in Ballykelly. We spent our summers in that river.

    • Liam! What a pleasant surprise after all these years. And I haven’t forgot the big one that got away under Cassy Beaties bank. I think the Bonhams beat us to it.
      What are you up to these days?

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