The Mirror

The Mirror Jan 91“The Mirror”. This painting in acrylics was made in Jan 91 and is about an opening – a window, mirror, inside/outside, light/dark. Here I examine the act of looking and seeing – which are not the same. This image slows down the important moment of unknowing that always exists just before recognising what is seen.

The New Idea

A New Idea“The New Idea” created January 2013. This new series of images comes out of my contemplation of creativity which I have been thinking (visually) about for the past 5 years. In the 20th Century, artists who first developed abstract art forms, when asked what their art was about would often state something fundamental like.. it is “an arrangement of form and colour”. To this I would add that my art is also dealing with motion and light, as much as 2 dimensional pieces can.

The Thoughts of an Artist

The Thoughts of an Artist“The Thoughts of an Artist” created November 2012. I created this image to show how I experience creative thought (which I can not separate from vision) – the expressive form of a moment of novelty. This interior creative ‘space’ within each of us is real, is palpable when activated, then it becomes filled with form in motion. In this image I explore the inner space as a new landscape in order to understand the compelling nature of creativity.

The First Drop of Water

The First Drop of Water“The First Drop of Water” created November 2012. Another aspect of image making that intrigues me is how this process is related to philosophical contemplation. Have you ever thought – in visual terms – what the first moment of something must have been like. (This requires a degree of fantasising or intuitive freedom, not literal thinking). Consider the moment that the first drop of water emerged out of the earth – what a pioneering moment. Such a moment must have contained the future potential of all the oceans; the essence of all water creatures and if we are indeed 90% water, this moment must have also contained all of us as well.

Journey through Spacetime

Journey through Spacetime One of the philosophical propositions I contemplate is the newly emerging set of insights about evolution. An evolutionary perspective narrates the life of the universe as a continual process that seems to be going somewhere. It is interesting to study the history of image making with this understanding. My images are visions, a synthesis of abstract and the representational which come out of a process of exploring what I see without and within. These are not and cannot be reasonable separated in my opinion. I find the process of image making essential to make sense out of being alive. This image contains the metaphor of a train in motion that has been intriguing, even haunting and disturbing my dreams when I was a child due to the uncertainty of the journey and ground on which the train was running. This archetypal image recently surfaced, emerging out of my artistic process, and a certain resolution has been arrived at through the benefit of evolutionary vision. This has given my errant train a new place in a vast evolutionary process – bringing with it an incredible existential optimism, and a sense of place, meaning and purpose.