Kandinskys Epiphany

Kandinskys Epiphany
‘Kandinskys Epiphany’ from December 2011. “Our intuitive subject culminates our individual experiences to become a concrete object. When we are satisfied that the object’s creation is complete, we look at what we once only felt. This is part of the reward of art. It is part of why we are artists. We want to see what we feel. As we give voice to the only faintly heard, we transmit energy to others, to fuel new and novel creativity, to push, support, and evoke Spirit, and to flush the world with its own alchemical life-essence.” Matthew Dallman

A Dream of Sudden Change

A Dream of Sudden Change
‘A Dream of Sudden Change’ September 2013, is a response to the belief that we are primarily rational beings, insisting on a solid self sense that is somehow removed and observing. Simple reflection on the nature of experience reveals a constant movement of sudden shifts and flows, within and without, that does not reveal any certainty of a solid self.

Memories of Derry

Memories of DerryA personal artistic summary and record of my childhood in Derry; the local terrain, the church, the weather, sun & rain, the peace process, the troubles, black & white newspaper photos, the view across Lough Foyle to Donegal, the sea, waves on the beach in summer, the little river, the army, farm buildings, the soul as pictured by a child… a kaleidoscope of physical and metaphysical spaces… what I am made of…

Studying the Mind of a Surrealist

Studying the Mind of a SurrealistSurrealism was a bold attempt to bridge the divide between the conscious and unconscious, a movement of its time, trying to counter the great dualism created and inseparable from modernism. Here I wryly attempt the impossible, to explore and visualise the inner mind of such a person, as if by scientific scrutiny.

Memories of an Indian Summer

Memories of an Indian SummerLater in life one realises how ongoing influential key periods in our lives have been. In the early eighties I spent time in India. This image is an amalgamation of experiences, memories and insight captured in an eternally shining summer sun married with a fragrant evening, pregnant with depth and meaning.